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Stay Alert and Report Suspicious Activity

The Board of Directors would like to thank the community members for their involvement in deterring transient activity at Coyote Hills Greens! Management has received reports that homeless people have been accessing the community pool recently, and we’d like to remind the homeowners to report any suspicious activity to the police department. The Association has had to replace the locks in the pool several times this year as a result of transients tampering with the gates to enter the facilities, and this is a costly endeavor. We ask that owners contact PD each and every time you suspect that someone should not be in the community pool As always, all homeowners are responsible for their personal safety and we recommend staying alert and aware of your surroundings!

Coyote Hills Greens: Updates

Dear Residents,

We have wrapped up termite inspections and are on the verge of receiving the completed reports. One benefit to the community-wide inspections is that the exterior of the building and the attics are covered under a one-year warranty. If you see evidence of termites to exterior of the unit, please call Action’s wonderful Community Care department to report it!


I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself – effective February 2019, I have taken over as the Community Manager for Coyote Hills Greens. My name is Alex Esteves and I have been in HOA Management since 2010. I’m excited to work with you, and I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting and speaking to some of the wonderful residents of this community!

Please note the following:

Coyote Hills Greens is ready to begin it’s annual Termite Inspections and treatment beginning the week of April 15th (for a two week window). We will need your cooperation in granting access to the rear of your building as the technician will need to inspect the entire building exterior. Full access to the exterior of the building is critical – as such, the Association would like to remind you that if you do not grant access to your unit (leaving a key with a neighbor, being available on the inspection date/time etc), you may be subject to a fine per the Association Governing Documents. We trust that all owners see the importance of treating wood-destroying pests and anticipate resident participation!

Although not required, we encourage you to schedule an interior attic inspection in order to receive treatment. Treatment to the attic will go very far in treating existing termites and benefits you and all of the residents in your building.

Please see the attached flier and schedule you inspection with Accurate Termite at 949-TERMITE (949-837-6483)


Alex Esteves – Community Manager




Termite Inspections and Treatment April 2019



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