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Parking Rule Reminder

Per the Association’s Parking Rules: Residents must park all vehicles in their garage or on their driveway at all times. Any resident with more than two (2) vehicles and who does not have a long driveway, or more than five (5) vehicles and has a long driveway, may obtain special permission from the Board of Directors to park an additional vehicle in an open air parking space if the conditions of Rule #2 are met. Guest parking spaces are not available for resident parking to households who have more cars than licensed drivers residing at the residence.

Increased Mosquito Activity

Did you know that Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District offers a free service to inspect and identify potential mosquito breeding sources? If you’ve noticed an increase in mosquito activity, you may click here and request an inspection near your home.

Please Be Vigilant!!

Management has received reports of suspicious activity in the Community. We strongly encourage that you be extra mindful and vigilant, and to report any suspicious activity to the police immediately. The Association reminds you that owners are always responsible for their own safety and that the Police Department is the appropriate recourse when there is suspicious activity. We also recommend and encourage owners to lock their vehicles, and to keep valuables out of sight at all times to possibly deter break-ins.

Fullerton Police Department: 714.738.6800

Emergencies: 9-1-1

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